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Dietitians and Nutritionists that are qualified to give Nutritional Advice.

Jessica Ruescher (Jessica Butcher), Dietitian and Nutritionist

Jessica Ruescher (Butcher), Dietitian & Nutritionist

Bachelor Science (Nutrition), Post Graduate Diploma (Dietetics)

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Essence Of Eating is owned and operated by Jessica Ruescher (Jessica Butcher), Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Nutritionist. Dietitians operate in East Victoria Park, Winthrop, Spearwood, Hilton & Beaconsfield.
Jess is a University Educated, Registered and Qualified Accredited Practicing Dietitian with over seven years experience in Private Practice throughout Australia. Jess opened Essence of Eating in 2013 to provide dietetic services throughout Melbourne, Victoria. Since 2015, Jess has moved and opened practices in Perth.

Jess has worked with hundreds of people, predominantly in private practice, from a wide range of ages and cultural backgrounds. Jess works towards each individual’s health goals, big and small!

Jess understands that coming to see a dietitian may be a new experience for some people, however choosing to invest time in yourself and look after your diet is imperative for a healthier future for both you and your loved ones.

Jess would be delighted to guide you in your journey through what is a sometimes confusing, but incredibly important world of nutrition.

Free E-Book: Food Shopping 101

Sometimes meal planning and food shopping can be more difficult to achieve than it seems. Jessica can help guide the way.

Jessica has created a Free E-Book to help you get started.


The ‘Non-Diet’ Approach

Jessica Ruescher (Butcher), Dietitian and Nutritionist

Do you feel as if you have tried every diet under the sun? We hear you.

It’s tiring, draining, and downright depressing. You feel frustrated that nothing seems to work – no matter how hard you try. You feel disappointed that all your hard effort go to waste – the feeling manifesting as the weight slowly creeps back on. You feel deprived, and the craving for those sweet foods intensifies with time, the longer you stay on the diet.

What we can confidently say is diets don’t work. Certainly not in the long term. Mounting research shows that 95% of people who go on a ‘weight loss diet’ regain the lost weight in a period of 6 months. Between one to two thirds of these people will actually gain more weight than they shed during the weight loss journey.

How can Essence of Eating help?

We have worked with hundreds of people to improve their relationship with food and their relationship with their body.

We can help to take away the nagging feeling of guilt every time you choose to eat a chocolate bar.

We can help you manage emotional eating: Eating due to stress, anxiety, bad day or simply because the food is sitting in front of you.

We can help to take the focus away from body weight, and away the scales, instead redirecting your focus towards your health. Because let’s face it – how often does jumping on the scales have a large impact on your mood, either positively or negatively?

Health is so much more than the numbers on the scales. Weight is a very small percentage of the overall picture of health. Health is comprised of emotional wellbeing, physical wellbeing and social wellbeing. You can be in a larger body and have health. You can be in a smaller body and not have health. Health comes in all different shapes and sizes, and looks different for different people.

Essence of Eating can help you achieve a balanced diet based on Healthy Eating.

We will not put you on a diet. No foods will be ‘banned’. Eating Healthy revolves around balance.

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